Our programs empower the members of our community to recognize their skills and value as unique and gifted individuals--children of a Father who created all of us to find joy and meaning in work. Building on that, each program is a stepping stone towards financial independence and provides HOPE, KNOWLEDGE, RESOURCES and SKILLS so that students and graduates can change their lives, their families, and their community.


Jobs for Life is a six-week, soft skills job training program. Jobs for Life is designed for those who are unemployed--or underemployed. The program inspires, guides, and equips students as they prepare to find and keep meaningful employment. Jobs for Life is unique in that it does these things in a culture that promotes and builds relationships and community; we firmly believe that real and lasting change comes through relationships. Included in the Jobs for Life class is basic Computer Literacy (students set up email accounts and learn to upload resumes and conduct an online job search). GED and literacy training are also part of class; graduates are encouraged to continue these studies with us after completing Jobs for Life.

Our partners in this program are essential to its effectiveness: representatives of local businesses serve as visiting teachers, volunteers work as mentors (Champions) by leading small group discussions and providing ongoing support to students, and counselors give time to help students overcome emotional roadblocks. These volunteers greatly increase the long term impact of Jobs for Life. For more information on the Jobs for Life Program, contact To find out more about volunteer opportunities, contact

IDA Faith and Finance webFAITH AND FINANCE

Faith and Finances is an 11 week course that meets from 5-7 on Thursday evenings. In FF, participants are empowered to track income and expenses, develop a budget, prepare for emergencies, avoid debt, and more. Technical content on finances is integrated with the life-changing message for rich and poor alike: that Jesus is making all things new and that He wants to use our finances as a part of His kingdom work. Volunteers also participate in the class as Allies to support the neighborhood participants. The course is a pre-requisite for the IDA program (below). For more information on curriculum, contact Chris Oliver (, or to volunteer as an Ally, contact Julie Latcham (





An Individual Development Account (IDA) is a savings account that allows Financial Freedom graduates to receive $2 for every $1 deposited from earned income. Savings are used for purchase of a car or house, starting a small business or obtaining a degree. The goal is to increase net worth through the habit of savings and the purchase of assets. Click HERE to learn more about IDAs and the Advance Memphis graduates who are saving money to purchase assets through this program. For more information on the IDA Program, contact




Gretchen Shaw Photography staffing photoADVANCE MEMPHIS STAFFING PROGRAM

The Advance Memphis Staffing Program was formed in 2009 to serve the staffing needs of Advance's business partners. By operating a staffing service, we are able to form relationships with businesses that request not one or two, but dozens of employees per week. From our management position, we are able to evaluate workers and help them improve, while also responding quickly and effectively to the needs of our business clients. Current clients include KTG USA (Kruger), WMBarr, and NGP. For more information on Advance Memphis Staffing, contact





Passing the GED opens the door to more employment opportunities and is a first step leading to higher education and higher wages. Students in the Jobs for Life program who do not have a diploma attend a GED class that meets twice a week. Graduates of Jobs for Life also attend classes and meet individually with tutors to focus on problem areas. Evening classes are also available. For more information on the GED Preparation Program, contact





The Advance Memphis Outsourcing Program operates as a not-for-profit business within Advance Memphis. Our vision is to provide students with opportunities for on-the-job application of the skills and concepts learned in Jobs for Life. By offering "real world" experience in a learning environment (in our facility), we can better prepare Advance graduates for success in the workplace. Students are evaluated based on their production rate, punctuality, leadership skills, and adherence to safety standards. Participation is optional pending a drug screening, and all participants receive an hourly wage.

Business partners of the Outsourcing Program have included:
• National Guard Products, Inc.
• WMBarr
• Corky's BBQ
• New Tech Packaging
• Wynit Corp.
• KAM Cross-Supply Logistics

For more information on the Outsourcing Program, contact






Advance Memphis provides Biblically based training to empower students to find and retain jobs, and become financially independent. Support these Memphians by tutoring, mentoring or giving. Support a strong Memphis.
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